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Is Justice delayed, justice denied ?

90% of the time when there is an accident on the road involving 2 vehicles, the affected party jumps out of the vehicle oftentimes in the middle of the road to pick up an argument or negotiate with the other party. All this, while traffic comes to a standstill behind them, until the public finds a way around the incident.

What does this behavior reflect ? Is it the urge to get instant justice ? Is it the insecurity that the perpetrator would flee if the argument is taken to the side of the road ? Or is it the my problem is bigger than your problem syndrome?

Have you got into a similar situation ? Or seen one ? What do you think was going on in the minds of the parties involved ? Would you have done the same thing ?


ഒരു വെടിക്ക് രണ്ടു പക്ഷി

There is a phrase in Malayalam – ഒരു വെടിക്ക് രണ്ടു പക്ഷി meaning taking out two birds with one shot.

Hats of to Mr. K. Senguttuvan, owner of this petrol station and the brain behind this idea, I feel he has shot more than two birds with this single idea.

For starters:

1. Spread awareness about Thirukkular & his petrol station.
2. Capitalizing on the freebie culture.
3. Capitalizing on the rise in fuel prices which he offers as the prize.
4. Gamification of memorizing couplets.

If you have read the article ( )

Please let me know if you found any unique marketing lessons in the execution of this simple idea.