50 shades of cool

We have all grown up with this concept of cool things. Cool was something which fascinated us, something which we desired, and something which we thought on possessing would make us more ‘likeable’ or ‘complete’.

As a child, for me the idea of cool started with tazos coming out of lays packets which quickly went on to GI Joes and hot wheels -quite expensive , but with high cool quotient. Then it changed to other things – Nintendo, cricket kit, kick cycles and play stations.

As teenage hit, there came a whole new set of cool things. Brylcream gels for the spiky hair, axe deodrants for the alpha male, mp3 players for the latest english tracks and the ultimate brand fever – Nike shoes , Puma bags , Adidas t-shirts and jockey underwears.

With early adulthood, the game changed to an all new level with coolness also starting to take the form of experiences. Modified scooters and bikes for the ride to college, touchscreen cell phones for chatting and facebook, the idea of smoking , drinking and escape to an alternate reality, picking up random fights, and being a rebel without a cause.

From simple joys as a child to immoderate indulgences as an adult, the urge to appear cool was ever compelling. Growing substantially over the years with a more connected world of Whatsapp and Instagram. As many cool seasons went by, so did many seasons of cool.

Sitting at home during this lockdown has made me reminiscence on my very own cool factors over the years. I now realise that cool for me was almost always materialistic. It was mostly about things and not people. It was mostly about experiences which made me look like someone I saw on TV or the internet rather than about who I really was.

As I revisit and redefine coolness this time round , I am adding some more to the list – the coolness of a true friend, the coolness of a kind heart, the coolness of our parents for making us look cool all this while, the coolness of a world with infinite possibilities, the coolness of good health and relationships, the coolness of a peaceful mind and a good nights sleep and the ultimate coolness of the gift of life!

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