Et tu Brute, Bezos

It is quite a common sight these days, to see delivery boys wearing coloured T-shirts mirroring their company brand colours waiting at door-fronts , apartment gates and chilling out under tree shades. We have the Amazon boys with the smile logo, the Zomato boys playing red killers on the road, the omnipresent Swiggy boys and the new kids on the block, the Dunzo boys.

But much before all these boys , during the millennia year 2000, there was the GCDA apartment boys. With a boring summer vacation in front of them fueled by a burning desire to do something different at least this time around, they set about a new mission. After the first meeting under the mango tree, it was decided to start a new business venture.

Identified gap – Apartment aunties running out of groceries in the kitchen find it difficult to go to the market immediately.

Investment required – Manpower ( GCDA boys ) & their cycles.

Revenue generation model – Tips for executed errands

With great zeal and motivation the GCDA boys started their home delivery venture. Marking their base under the mango tree, marketing to apartment aunties, backed by the association uncles and with the dreams of a future with infinite possibilities.

Days went by, awareness and business increased , their service was welcomed by the apartment and the coffers started filling in with 5 rupee coins and 10 rupee notes. Almost towards the end of the summer vacation, they pooled in all the money they had collected, went to the local market and bought couple of big soft drink bottles, snacks, biscuits and had a big fat party.

The boys were happy they could earn for themselves, had a rather interesting summer vacation but were too naive to reflect on the learnings or possibilities of such an idea. In another part of the world , a man named Bezos had slowly started building an empire with the very same idea which struck under the mango tree for the GCDA boys. The boys grew up pursuing  many  such ideas – all short lived, meanwhile Bezos went on to become the richest man in the world.


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