The games we played

Long before the corporate games and mind games. Much before game of thrones and hunger games. Even before video games and board games. Back in the days we used to play actual childhood games.

Be it the football fever especially during the FIFA world cups, or cricket fever until the ball hungry neighbour uncle completed his collection. On the days we were visited by our female counterparts, the games changed to hide and seek, cycle police and ko-ko. We moved from game to game pretty much like how we move from app to app these days.

The ultimate playground

As I stood in my apartment ground reminiscing over the games we used to play, I saw the kids arranging stones one on top of the other and looking at their phones parallely. On probing, they told that they are trying to figure out the game 7 stones or lagori as it is known. I stepped in and happily explained to them about the game reliving old memories, and even giving instructions to a bonus game we used to play outdoors called king , queen & minister.

Like how yesteryear fairy tales and proverbs are passed on to younger generations. Like age old wisdom and knowledge preserved in books, without getting lost. The neighbourhood boy in me felt secretly proud to have passed on the games that really mattered for being enjoyed for just a little longer before being forgotten.

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