Quarantine roulette

Going back in time to the week before Janata curfew. When corona was just some kind of freak disease spreading in far away China, with only some students who came back to Kerala from China diagnosed with it and eventually cured. When you literally touched everything, shook hands with everyone and used those fancy sanitisers only to hang around your bag. When it was business as usual for India, you and your life.

Little did we know that in those few days of pre-Janata curfew, corona was playing quarantine roulette with us. The thoughts that crossed our minds, the smallest of decisions and actions we made, have played a big part in landing us where we are and who we are with in this quarantine.

The roulette had various slots. Some have been rendered single – fending for themselves and hunting for food. Some have been lucky to be with their lovers/partners – spending more time with each other and actually getting to know each other. Some could get back home and spend long lost time with their parents in their childhood neighborhoods. Whereas some unfortunate people even got stranded on the way in airports, railway stations or even the roads.

Sure , corona did not give a choice whom we got quarantined with. But isn’t it up-to each one of us, to make the best of wherever we are, whoever we are with. Maybe years down the line, we will see God’s plan more clearly and we shouldn’t regret not making the best of our quarantine luck and if possible, create some meaningful and everlasting memories with the people and things you were chosen to be quarantined with in this hopefully once in a lifetime quarantine roulette.


2 thoughts on “Quarantine roulette

  1. kochiblue

    The best thing to come out of the quarantine other than isolation is that most have come to appreciate the “muttathe mulla”.



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