When the world and the mind stood still

As I write this blog, India and the world is more than 2 months into something called as a lockdown. Quarantine , lockdown , isolation , social distancing are the most used words these past few months apart from the tracking of deaths and count of new infections across the globe.What has happened till now is unprecedented in human history and I sincerely hope the world comes out of it stronger than before.

Along with the world , something else which has come to a standstill is the mind. A human mind is so complex , yet we fail to notice it, just like the human body. A sea of emotions – sorrow, anxiety, worry , excitement, fear, selfishness, happiness – the list goes on. These emotions were mostly contained and compartmentalised when we were living our normal lives and was pushed and shaped according to our convenience.

This lock down has brought such stillness of mind , that how much ever you try to escape it, you just can’t. It has showed that true happiness definitely has to come from within. That the mind needs to accommodate, balance and embrace all feelings and make peace within. In a way it is good that it is happening now than maybe after 20 or 30 years during another lockdown.

This lockdown has definitely taken me back to the basic questions of Who am I ? What is my purpose ? What makes me happy ? Who makes me happy ? And how do I make others happy ? Even though the answers are still far away in the horizon. I am glad the questions have come back again stronger and hope this time, as the world limps back to the new normal, my mind is ready for finding new answers for these life defining age old questions.

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