Minute=The new hour

People who read the title might be a little confused by what I mean by it. Now this whole idea that I am going to talk about is a rip off from what my Sir at LIBA told during a law class that I attended. Nevertheless we are all messengers, so my mission here is to pass on the idea and nothing more. I take no credits for this. So here it goes.

We do a lot of things in a day and most of the things we do are measured in an hour’s time.One hour is the time I sleep during the afternoon, a mother gives her child 1 hour to play, we write exams for 2 hours, we wait for a friend for an hour, if Dominos doesn’t deliver in half an hour, consider it free. The time allotted by me for writing this blog is 1 hour. Like this there are many 1 hours(60 minutes) doing the rounds in everyone’s lives. Now the question my law sir asked was simple? Why an hour? Why not 30 minutes? Why not 45 minutes? And the whole class was left with no answer. Our ancestors used to follow and plan things in an hour, the guy who made the first clock probably randomly put in 24 hours in a day and maybe all the clock makers followed suit and no one gave a thought. We can’t blame our ancestors, because they were doing it right. They had no e-mail, no supersonic jets, no whatsapp, no internet, no logistics and supply chain, no facebook, no skype, no bullet trains, no laptops and computers. For them there was only 24 hours a day where most of the things they did had to be planned by the hour. But we live in an entirely different world, we think by the minute, tweet by the minute, whatsapp by the minute, and check mails by the minute and still when it comes to time, we go by the hour.

So the hack is, redefine the hour, instead of 24 put 28 hours in a day, make that 60 minute nap to a 45 minute nap, that 60 minute exam to 45 minutes, that 60 minute group discussion can very well be done in 45 minutes. When we live by the minute, why not time by the minute?

I wrote this blog in 20 minutes.

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